Edifying Answers have crafted this fantastic subscription service that places you at the driver seat of your health and wellbeing as you journey through life.


Private Telegram Group: You will receive a motivational message each morning from Monday-Friday via Telegram. These creative picture-quote messages uniquely crafted to inspire hope, create shifts in thinking and unlock insight. Download the Telegram app for free here:

Zoom WorkshopsYou will have access to join our 1-hour Zoom wellbeing check-in's and reflective sessions every two months. These insightful sessions provide a safe and informative space for you to learn, share and grow with like-mind individuals you are choosing to make wellbeing a priority.

Free Toolkits and resources: You will a catalogue of free toolkits and mind mapping resources. You receive five initial tools when you first join, plus have access to bonus resources added regularly.

Webinars and Workshops: You will have exclusive VIP access to our webinars, recordings and motivational talks (only available to members of this group).

Coaching SessionYou will receive a one-off complimentary 45-minute coaching session facilitated via telephone as a gift for subscribing. This will be a safe space for you to get support about any topic you would like to explore.

Bonus DiscountsYou get a 10% discount for all my future live events and webinars as long as you are a part of this subscription package. 

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