Edifying Answers delivers a range of dynamic and bespoke empowerment training workshops. They can also be delivered as webinars via Zoom.

Leadership Development: 1 day workshop to develop leadership skills, discover your leadership style, reflect on practice and explore the key tools to becoming an assertive and influential leader.

Effective Team Working: 1 or 2 day workshop to build and develop effective joint working in teams, addressing dynamics and identify useful tools create and foster more cohesiveness among employees.

Working on Well-being (WOW)A half day workshop to learn wellbeing practices and useful tips when working from home, examine the warning signs of stress and burnout, and how to address them, explore ways of building resilience and identify some effective coping strategies to help maintain your overall wellbeing.

Mental Fortitude for entrepreneurs: A half  day workshop to explore how to develop a winning mentality, key steps to building mental fortitude, how to keep the momentum going in difficult times and how to influence people and win customers.

Networking With Purpose: A half day workshop unlocking the keys skills to effective networking, top tips to building confidence, guidance around the whole networking process and some skills practice.

Dealing with Loss: 1 hour workshop to explore what grief is, the emotional and physical effects of loss, the stages of grief that people go through and the coping strategies to manage loss.

Exploring AnxietyA half day workshop to explore what anxiety is, the signs and symptoms, how anxiety affects the brain, panic attacks and why they happen, the different types of anxiety disorders, coping strategies and treatment options available. 

Positive ThinkingA half day workshop to explore how thought processes influence behaviour, reflect over the inner critic and find ways to re-calibrate your thinking, learn how to unhook from negative thoughts and practice a simple but effective mindfulness exercise. 

Resilience & Burnout1 day workshop to raise awareness of the causes of burnout, discover the link between your thoughts and your stress levels, gain insight into a range of effective tools that help build resilience and discover the benefits of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing Model.

Know Your Why: A half day workshop to unlock insight into what your individual Why is, explore what drives and motivates you, identify the importance of living in your purpose and learn key tips for nurturing your Why.

Healthy Me: A half day workshop to explore emotions and the role they play, learn meaningful ways of expressing yourself, the importance of resilience and how to develop it, the cycle of positive and negative thinking and coping strategies to maintain overall wellbeing.

Managing Stress: 1 day workshop to highlight the causes of stress and ways to effectively manage, the role emotions play, signs of burnout and self maintenance tips to reduce and prevent stress.

Self Care & Well-being: 1 day workshop to look at ways to maintain good health, explore the link between stress and burnout, to highlight the impact that thought processes can have on health and gain more awareness of ways to improve overall health and well-being.

Introduction to Coaching: 1 day workshop to reflect on the basic principles of coaching, develop tools of coaching staff in the workplace and practice skills.

For any inquires regarding booking a training workshop for your organisation, please contact Ezra at ezra@edifyinganswers.com.