Visualisation 2 Victory - Guided Meditation Scripts

V2V is a collection of guided visualisation audio scripts with visual imagery.

These visualisations have been crafted to provide a cathartic, safe and empowering space for you to exercise and develop your creative thinking so you can sail forwards in achieving great success. All of the V2V meditation scripts are available by clicking on the link below: 

There is a specific aim and objective for each of the seven visualisations which are listed below:



This piece provides context and evidence to the science of visualisation. Once you understand and fully comprehend the importance and power of how visualising can turbocharge your life, you will become more proactive in making it a daily habit in your life.



Just like aeroplanes, we as human beings can drift off-track in our thoughts. This piece acts as air-control to bring you back in focus again so you can go forth and have dominion!



They say you don’t need eyes to see, you need vision! This piece helps you to reflect on and envisage your achievement so you can begin with the end in mind. A clear vision will guide you to the finish line.



This piece draws from the power and wisdom of self-affirmations that enable you to coach and counsel yourself into a better space as you declare within conviction, I Am…



This piece is about clarification and illumination as you channel with intention, the right thoughts that carry the right frequency. Your mind is a magnet that universe is draw to dwell on the positive.



Everything happens twice in life, first in your mind and then in reality. You are the artist of your life and you are creating a masterpiece. This piece helps you to become the great thinker that creates your dreams as you manifest your greatness.



This piece invites you on a journey ascension as you visualise yourself from the vantage point of your higher consciousness. In this space you create a powerful atmosphere where limiting beliefs are shattered and the shackles of self-doubt broken. 



This piece is design to bring empowerment as it reminds you of what you were created to do and achieve. As you clear your mind from all low frequencies, it gives you total freedom to declare to the universe… I will manifest my greatness!