Satisfaction Guarantee

 Edifying Answers uses a unique methodology which enables us to deliver bespoke and specialist workshops to professionals. This tool I.N.S.I.G.H.T is the thread that runs through all of our workshops and sets out the sevens objectives that we execute through all of our exclusive training. I.N.S.I.G.H.T stands for:

  • Intuitive Nature - Helping individuals to become aware of their instinctive nature.
  • Nascent - Creating a safe space to identify gaps and new learning.
  • Skills Set - Providing key tools and resources to boost confidence and increase knowledge.
  • Inspiration - Through our techniques, skills and experience; we motivate and inspire.
  • Goals - Naturally guiding individuals to set realistic personal and professional goals.
  • Habits - Shining the light on the impact of behaviours and how they either help or hinder us.
  • Thinking - Enlightening professionals to the power of their thoughts in shaping their future. 

Results Driven:

Edifying Answers are ambitious and inspired by the positive outcomes and feedback from those who receive our specialist service. We value every individual, ensuring that a we deliver a tailored approach to meet their needs.

 We always welcome feedback from our customers as we believe this is key to ensuring that our workshops maintain their A-Class service in regards to the content, delivery and quality of the material.