DISC Training - What is your personality?


Do you know how you come across to others or how you act when under pressure?

Are you aware of the impact that certain behaviours can have on those who you work with?

 If we know what we need to say to others and how to adopt our tone and language in order to make them feel appreciated and understood, then we can bring out the best in those we work with.

If we can understand what makes us react certain ways, what causes us anxiety and why we are more comfortable making certain kind of decisions than others, our understanding will affect how we work with others and have a positive influence on how we relate and communicate.

DISC is an effective assessment tool and powerful system that unlocks insight into how to use your core strengths to enable your success, and how to adapt your method of communication style to better connect with others in order to create positive outcomes and stay measured when experiencing pressure.


Dominance, Influence,  Steadiness and Conscientiousness - describe the typical behavioural styles of individuals.

Detailed personalised reports provide insights into your own style, the priorities that drive your behaviour and a practical set of tips to help you interact and communicate more effectively.

For any inquires regarding booking a training workshop for your organisation, please contact Ezra at ezra@edifyinganswers.com.