Edifying Answers delivers a range of dynamic and bespoke training workshops. They can also be delivered as webinars via Zoom. 

Key Work Skills: 1 or 2 day workshop to develop skills, address ambivalence, reflect on practice, boost confidence and manage difficult clients.

Exploring Addictions: 1 day workshop to explore the reasons for addictions, effects of ACE's, what happens in the brain, the role that endorphins play in addiction.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)1 day workshop exploring the basic principles of MI, some skills practice and reflecting on how to negotiate a change plan.

Facilitation Core Skills: 1 or 2 day workshop on the core foundation of facilitation skills, key tips and techniques to ensure the sessions are structured and increase understanding about group dynamics and how to effectively manage them.

Substance Awareness: 1 day workshop to raise awareness of risks and effects when using different substances, signs of overdose, exploring different types of drug categories and harm reduction strategies.

Spice Awareness1 day workshop to emphasise the risks and dangers when using spice, the withdrawal effects, harm reduction advice.

Rethink Your Drinking1 day workshop to raise awareness of risks & effects of alcohol misuse, tips for controlled drinking, awareness signs of alcoholism and harm reduction advice.

 Crack Awareness: Half day workshop to highlight the risks & effects when using crack/cocaine, the cycle of drug use, how cravings can impact on behaviour and how to effectively manage them.

For any inquires regarding booking a training workshop for your organisation, please contact Ezra at ezra@edifyinganswers.com.